Friday, August 12, 2011


We had a great reunion with friends at the airport and then at our house. The flights in were great. We woke up to leave Uganda 44 hours before arriving back home. We slept in London for 4-5 of those hours. What a wild trip home. I could not be more proud of the family though. With every new obstacle they were flexible and resilient. They just took each new chapter in stride and without complaining. The two little ones acted as if they were just content to be together. They slept when they were supposed to and were generally quiet when they were awake. I know that in a few weeks and months time it will all be a blur, but  now we want to stop and remember what an incredible summer we had and journey back home and be grateful. Thank you for walking with us in bringing Zeke home and our summer work in Uganda.


  1. So thankful your family had the summer you had.

  2. Thanks for sharing your amazing journey! We love you all!